The AdBlock hiding wizard is hiding more than I want it to

The AdBlock hiding wizard works by hiding everything with HTML tags or attributes that you've selected on a page. This means that while you may have only selected one item on a page, you're actually telling AdBlock it needs to block everything with that specific HTML tag. It's not possible for AdBlock to recognize items to block without relying on HTML tags and attributes. This helps ensure we don't block actual content on the page, and only block the items you want hidden.

As a result, it's easy to accidentally block more than you meant to using the AdBlock hiding wizard. Always go slow and check what you've blocked as you go to ensure you haven't blocked more than you intended (or worse, accidentally caused the page to misfunction in some way). 

If you're experiencing issues on any pages where you've manually hidden something, start troubleshooting by undoing your hidden items on that page. You can do that by visiting the page and opening your AdBlock menu, then selecting "Undo my hidden items." 

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