Using MyAdBlock's Sync Feature

By unlocking MyAdBlock you get access to our Sync feature, which allows you to share your AdBlock settings across all of your AdBlock extensions. Using this feature will ensure that all of your filter lists, custom filter rules, whitelists, and other AdBlock settings remain the same across all synced extensions. Sync is currently only available for Chrome, but we plan to release it to additional browsers in a future update. We know you may be using different browsers across different devices, and we plan to release additional browser syncing options as quickly as possible. 

In order to use the Sync feature, you must unlock MyAdBlock on both devices that you want to Sync. You do not need to donate a second time. You must use the Order ID from your first MyAdBlock donation and your email address to unlock MyAdBlock on additional devices.

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Once you’ve set up both devices as Synced Extensions, their settings will be shared in each instance of the AdBlock extension. 

Using your MyAdBlock donation Order ID and email address, you are welcome to sync your AdBlock extension on as many devices as you’d like without making additional donations. Enroll any devices you’d like to sync into MyAdBlock, set them up as named extensions, and sync away!

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