I see a "load.product.fail.message" error or the app crashes when I try to upgrade the AdBlock for Safari Mac app

What's happening?

Users of the AdBlock for Safari Mac app have reported two issues with our latest release (1.15.0). First, the app crashes when they click the "Upgrade Now" button. Second, they see the following error in a green bar in the app window: load.product.fail.message

"load.product.fail.message" error in AdBlock for Safari Mac app

Why is this happening?

These issues are specific to the most recent update to our Mac app (1.15.0) and are related. The "load.product.fail.message" error indicates that the app failed to get information it required from Apple's servers. Apple didn't make that information available as quickly as we expected it to, and our code didn't account for a potential delay. 

The second and more serious issue was that while that information was unavailable, the app crashed if the user clicked the "Upgrade Now" button in the app. This is a bug in our code.

What can I do?

You don't need to do anything. The information our app requires is now available from Apple. That means the "load.product.fail.message" error won't occur again, and it's safe to click the "Upgrade Now" button if you want to add our new paid features to the AdBlock for Safari app. We plan to release a bug fix in the next couple of weeks, but the bug should not affect users now that our app can find the information it's looking for.

Note: If you try to upgrade and the app does crash, simply restart it, then please submit a ticket on our support site.

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