I heard Safari 12 has built-in ad blocking. Do I still need AdBlock?

There seems to be a general misunderstanding about Safari 12. We have been told by some of our users that they no longer need AdBlock because the latest version of Safari has its own built-in ad blocker.

This is not the case. Safari doesn't block ads.

What Safari 12 does do is make it more difficult for advertisers to track you by:

  1. Preventing them from collecting information about you from social media "share" and "like" buttons, comment boxes, and other content on a page (even if you don't interact with them) without your permission
  2. Minimizing their ability to follow you across the web by sharing less information about your Mac's unique system configuration

If you only use AdBlock to protect your privacy by reducing your online "footprint," then the new protections built into Safari 12 may be sufficient for you. But if you use an ad blocker because you don't want to see intrusive ads, then nothing in Safari 12 will replace having AdBlock on your side.

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