What are those icons?

The cat, dog, and mountains icons are part a new add-on we're testing with a select group of AdBlock users. It's called MyAdBlock, and it replaces blocked ads with pictures of cats, dogs, or beautiful nature images. You can learn more about MyAdBlock here: Getting Started with MyAdBlock

Why are they the only items on the AdBlock menu?

The reason everything else is missing from the AdBlock menu is that an error somewhere is preventing AdBlock from working properly.

How can I get the AdBlock menu back?

Just reinstall AdBlock and everything should be back to normal. (By the way, our payment page opens every time AdBlock is installed. If you don't want to pay for AdBlock at this time, just close the page.)


What are you doing to fix this?

Our developers are investigating. If you feel comfortable with technology, we could really use your help! It's pretty straightforward and would take you about five minutes.

How can I help?

Don't reinstall AdBlock yet. First, let's get AdBlock's debugging information. Since you can't get to AdBlock's options through the AdBlock menu, please do this instead: 

  1. Open this page: chrome-extension://gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom/options.html
  2. If AdBlock's options page opens, click the SUPPORT tab.
  3. Click the word here in the line "Have our team requested some debug info? Click here for that!"
  4. Copy the text in the box that opens and paste it into an email to help@getadblock.com.

Next, we'd like you to check for any errors in the browser that might be associated with AdBlock. To see them, you'll need to open AdBlock's background page:

  1. Open a new tab and visit chrome://extensions to open Chrome's extensions page.
  2. Select Developer mode in the upper right corner of the page. This makes a few more options appear.
  3. Find AdBlock in the list and click Details.
  4. Click the background page link to open a "developer mode" window for AdBlock.
  5. Click the Console tab at the top of the window.
  6. Reload the page. (You might need to drag the developer window out of the way.)
  7. If there are any error messages in the console window (usually in red text), paste them in the same email.

Last, we'd like you to check for errors associated with Chrome. To see them, you'll need to open Chrome's Developer Tools:

  1. Right-click the page and select Inspect. The Chrome Developer Tools panel opens beside or below the page.
  2. Click the Console tab at the top of the new window.
  3. Reload the page.
  4. If there are any error messages in the console tab (usually in red text), paste them into the same email.