The AdBlock menu is empty

If the AdBlock menu looks like the following examples for longer than a second or two, it means that AdBlock encountered an error that prevented it from loading properly. For instance, there appears to be a bug in Chrome version 71 that causes AdBlock not to load fully on startup.

Blank AdBlock menu in Chrome AdBlock menu error MyAdBlock menu error

What to do

First try reloading AdBlock:

  1. Open the browser's extensions page. In Chrome, it's chrome://extensions; in Firefox, it's about:addons; in Microsoft Edge, it's ... (More) > Extensions.
  2. Disable, then re-enable, AdBlock.

If that doesn't help, copy any custom filters you have created to a text file for safekeeping, then reinstall AdBlock. (See this article for a way to get to your custom filters when the menu isn't working.)

By the way, our payment page opens every time AdBlock is installed. If you don't want to pay for AdBlock at this time, just close the page.

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