My Facebook News Feed doesn't work after the last AdBlock for Safari update

If you use our legacy AdBlock for Safari extension and Facebook, you may have noticed that only one or two posts are appearing in your News Feed. You can't scroll down. Pausing AdBlock and whitelisting Facebook don't help.

What happened?

We missed a bug in a recent release of our Safari extension. The bug only affects Safari 11 and later. It can break other sites in addition to Facebook, but we have received the vast majority of the reports from Facebook users.

We're very sorry this got past us, and we apologize for the inconvenience!

Is there a workaround?

Disabe AdBlock in Safari Extensions Preferences and reload the affected web page.

When will the bug be fixed?

We submitted a bug fix update, AdBlock for Safari 2.68.0, to Apple way back on August 2. However, Apple still has not released it in the Safari Extensions Gallery.

Why not? Apple is retiring Safari extensions. Publicly, Apple has stated that the Safari Extensions Gallery will accept updates until December. In practice, Apple has refused to approve our update because it is a Safari extension, even though the bug it fixes is affecting millions of AdBlock users.

I just want to see my Facebook. What can I do right now?

We are continuing to work with Apple to get the update released in the Gallery. In the meantime, we have two workarounds.

Install the new AdBlock for Safari Mac app

Our brand-new Mac app is available in the App Store now. It's a work in progress, so you won't yet find all the features that exist in the legacy extension. It works just fine on Facebook, however.

Get started with the all-new AdBlock for Safari app

Frequently asked questions about the AdBlock for Safari app

Install the self-hosted version of the AdBlock for Safari extension

If you need a feature that isn't in the new AdBlock app yet, install our self-hosted extension on our website. Since it doesn't require the Safari Extensions Gallery, it didn't have to wait for Apple's approval. It's available right now. (Please remember, however, that eventually you will need to switch to the app if you upgrade to MacOS Mojave and Safari 12.)

Here's how to install the self-hosted version of AdBlock.

If your Mac is running OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or earlier:

  1. Visit and click INSTALL FOR SAFARI.
  2. Open your Downloads folder and click AdBlockSelfHosted.safariextz.
  3. Click Install from Developer.

If your Mac is running MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or 10.13 (High Sierra):

  1. Download
  2. Open your Downloads folder, open the file, and select Trust.

If your Mac is running MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and Safari 12, you cannot install the self-hosted extension.

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