How can I block the "Switch to Chrome" notification on Google's home page?

Google really, really wants you to make Chrome your default browser, Apparently, Google's opinion is that if you use its search engine, you should be using its browser, too, because the following notification appears every single time you visit Google's home page in a browser that isn't Chrome:

The annoying "Switch to Chrome" notification

Clicking "NO THANKS" won't save you. Google ignores whatever internal setting that selection should trigger, and goes right on asking you to switch to Chrome.

Fortunately, you have AdBlock.

How to block the "Switch to Chrome" notification on,,, etc.

To keep the "Switch to Chrome" notification from appearing every time you visit

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Options.
  2. On the CUSTOMIZE tab, click Edit.
  3. Paste the following text in the box, just as it appears here:
    ##.gb_fa, .gb_g
  4. Click Save.

Custom filters to block the annoying "Switch to Chrome" notification

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