AdBlock for Safari is a fast and powerful Mac app that speeds up web browsing in Safari by blocking ads that clog web pages. AdBlock starts blocking ads on millions of websites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, from the moment it's installed. In this article, you’ll learn how to install the AdBlock for Safari app on your Mac.

What is the AdBlock for Safari app?

The AdBlock for Safari app, first released in 2018, is the "next-generation" version of the AdBlock for Safari extension that has been around since 2009. Although you can still use the old AdBlock extension for now, Apple is making Safari extensions obsolete. We recommend that you switch to the new app by the end of the year.

The AdBlock for Safari app consists of three components:

  1. The AdBlock extension, which uses filter lists to determine what to block on websites you visit. This is the content blocking piece, the part that actually blocks the ads. It has no user interface.

  2. The AdBlock Safari Icon extension, which allows you to control the AdBlock extension in Safari. You can use the AdBlock icon on the Safari toolbar to pause ad blocking everywhere, whitelist just the site you're on, open the app, find answers to questions, and contact AdBlock Support.

  3. The AdBlock app, which allows you to select and update filter lists and whitelist any site manually. The app's user interface includes the app window and a button in the MacOS menu bar.

Both extensions are required for the AdBlock app to work. When you install AdBlock, be sure to turn them both on in Safari Extensions preferences (Step 5 in the instructions that follow).

Installing the AdBlock for Safari app

  1. Find AdBlock in the Mac App Store and click Get. "Get" button in the App Store

    Note: After the first time you install the app, you won't see the "Get" button again. If you need to reinstall it, start at Step 2.

  1. Click Install. "Install" button in the App Store

  1. Click Open. "Open" button in the App Store 

    The AdBlock desktop app opens on the first setup screen.

    First setup screen in the AdBlock for Safari app

  1. At the bottom of the AdBlock app window, click Set up AdBlock in Safari.

    The Safari Extensions preferences window opens. (So does Safari, if it wasn't already open.)

    Enabling AdBlock extensions in the Safari Extensions preferences window

  1. In the Safari Extensions preferences window, select both AdBlock Safari icon and AdBlock.

    The second setup screen in the AdBlock app opens. If you don't see it, move or minimize the Safari and Safari Extensions preferences windows.

    Second setup screen in the AdBlock for Safari app

  1. On the setup screen, click Yes, please keep AdBlock up to date! to allow the AdBlock app to open automatically and update the filter lists when you start your Mac.

    The AdBlock app window changes to show that AdBlock is ready to go. (If you click Skip this step, AdBlock will not be able to automatically fetch filter list updates. It will become less effective at blocking ads over time as the filter lists grow stale unless you manually update them every time you start your computer.)

    Final setup screen in the AdBlock for Safari app

  1. At the bottom of the AdBlock app window, click Start surfing the web!.

AdBlock is now set up to block annoying ads on every web page you visit. Learn how you can customize how and where AdBlock for Safari works.

Note: You can close the AdBlock app window, but leave the app itself running to keep the filter lists up to date.