I don't see an option to whitelist a YouTube channel

Have you turned on the setting that allows AdBlock to whitelist individual YouTube channels and restarted your browser? If you have and you still aren't able to whitelist a YouTube channel, please try these troubleshooting tips.

"Allow whitelisting of specific YouTube channels" doesn't appear in AdBlock's options

YouTube channel whitelisting doesn't work with Safari Content Blocking. That means that if you use our Safari extension or the AdBlock for Safari app, you can't whitelist YouTube channels.

Make sure that you're using AdBlock and not Adblock Plus (ABP) or some other ad blocker. Only AdBlock features YouTube channel whitelisting.

Try clearing your browser cache and restarting your browser.

If you still don't see the option to whitelist specific YouTube channels, you may be using an older version of AdBlock. AdBlock should update automatically, but if you have extension auto-update turned off, it might not. Manually update AdBlock.

We know of an extension called YouTube Magic Actions that breaks YouTube channel whitelisting. This has been reported to the extension's developer.

If you don't have YouTube Magic Actions, check your extensions for other possible incompatibilities. Disable all of them (except for AdBlock). Allow whitelisting of specific YouTube channels should appear in AdBlock's options on the GENERAL tab. Re-enable each extension one by one until the option disappears again. The last extension you re-enabled is the culprit. Disable it for now, and be a good citizen by reporting the issue to the extension's developer. :)

"Whitelist (name) channel" doesn't appear in the AdBlock menu

If you're using Safari, make sure that Safari Content Blocking is disabled in AdBlock's options. This feature prevents AdBlock from whitelisting individual YouTube channels.

In any browser, try clearing your browser cache and restarting the browser.

Those suggestions didn't help. Now what?

AdBlock is designed to block ads. We have to jump through some technological hoops to allow ads to show on specific YouTube channels. Things can go wrong, depending on how you're browsing YouTube, whether Google is rolling out something new to certain users, and even which channel you're trying to whitelist.

If the suggestions above haven't helped, please open a ticket and report the issue to us. Include the following information in your description of the problem:

  • A link to a video you're trying to whitelist
  • How you are navigating to and opening the video

Basically, we need to be able to recreate the exact steps you took in your attempt to whitelist the channel. Thanks!

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