Why don't I see any pictures?

MyAdBlock will replace the two largest ads on a page whenever possible. If you're not seeing any MyAdBlock pictures on web pages you visit, try this:

  1. Pause AdBlock by clicking the AdBlock icon in the browser toolbar and selecting Pause on this site.
  2. Reload the page.
  3. Look for the ads that are being blocked.

First, are there any ads on the page? If there are, are they tiny?

If the page contains ads when AdBlock is paused but the ads are not being replaced with pictures when AdBlock is running, here are two reasons why:

  • If the site doesn't provide the size of an ad, we can't determine what size image to replace it with. We will block or hide it instead.
  • If the image is smaller than 60 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, we won't replace it with a picture you would have to squint to see. Again, we will block or hide it instead.

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