How do I start using MyAdBlock?

MyAdBlock is an optional add-on to AdBlock for Chrome that must be enabled before you can use it.

1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Enable MyAdBlock.

Not seeing Enable MyAdBlock in the AdBlock menu?

MyAdBlock menu before activation

2. On Step 1 of the MyAdBlock setup wizard, click the picture to select a category.

You can select as many categories as you like, but you must select at least one. (You can always change this later.) The heart icon turns blue to indicate a selected category.

Selecting a picture category in the MyAdBlock setup wizard

3. When you have selected all the categories you want to see, click Next.

4. On Step 2 of the MyAdBlock setup wizard:

  • Select or type the amount you want to donate, click the appropriate payment button, and complete your payment.
  • If you donated to AdBlock in the past, click the Already donated? link instead.
  • If you don't want to enable MyAdBlock at this time, click the Not now, I'll add MyAdBlock later link.

Paying for MyAdBlock in the MyAdBlock setup wizard

5. If you clicked Already donated? in the previous step, enter the Order ID from our thank-you email and then click Submit.

If you no longer have it, click the I don't have my Order ID link for help.

Entering your Order ID in the MyAdBlock setup wizard

6. After you donate or enter your Order ID, the MyAdBlock thank-you page opens.

MyAdBlock thank-you page

You can see at a glance whether MyAdBlock is active and which categories you have selected by looking at the AdBlock menu. Colorful icons indicate a selected category. Light gray icons indicate a category you have not selected. If all the icons are light gray, MyAdBlock is turned off.

AdBlock menu showing MyAdBlock is active and which picture categories are selected

And this is an example of MyAdBlock at work:

An example of ads replaced with pictures on

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