What is MyAdBlock?

MyAdBlock is an exciting new way to unlock exclusive customization features that is only available to AdBlock supporters. MyAdBlock currently allows you to customize your ad blocking experience by swapping ads for images, syncing your devices, and installing themes to your AdBlock Menu and Options pages.

Image Replacement

On pages where we can replace ads with high-quality images, MyAdBlock will replace a blocked ad with a picture selected at random from our curated collection. We will replace no more than two ads on a page, and we will continue to block all other ads as we do normally. We will only add images to a page when we find the perfect fit, so you may not see images on every page you visit. You must pause or disable any other ad blockers while using Image Replacement.

Currently, you can choose to see cats, dogs, and landscapes (one, two, or all three), change the image categories, and turn Image Replacement off and on at any time.

An example of ads replaced with pictures on Yahoo.com


By unlocking MyAdBlock you get access to our Sync feature, which allows you to mimic your AdBlock settings across all of your devices. Sync is currently only available in Chrome, but we plan to release it to additional browsers in a future update.

In order to use the Sync feature, you must unlock MyAdBlock on both devices that you want to Sync. You do not need to donate a second time. Simply use your Order ID (provided via email after your initial donation) and email address to unlock MyAdBlock on as many devices as you'd like.

An example of ads replaced with pictures on Yahoo.com


Unlocking MyAdBlock allows you to select from a number of themes, which will apply to your AdBlock Menu and Options pages. Dark mode remains a free feature, but MyAdBlock users will have access to Solarized, Watermelon, and other unique themes.

An example of ads replaced with pictures on Yahoo.com

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