What's the difference between AdBlock, AdBlock Premium, and AdBlock Premium Gold?

This article refers to the legacy version of AdBlock Premium (pictured below).

If you are using our most recent version of AdBlock Premium (which includes image swap, backup/sync, and themes), please see this related Help Center article: https://help.getadblock.com/support/solutions/articles/6000195093-what-is-adblock-premium-/  

AdBlock is our original, free product, one of the most popular ad blockers in the world and the most popular extension for Chrome and Safari.

AdBlock Premium is a more upscale version of AdBlock. It's also free. It blocks non-intrusive ads on most websites.

AdBlock Premium Gold is a paid upgrade to AdBlock Premium. It blocks ads on Facebook and YouTube and includes several customization features, including additional filter lists, website and YouTube channel allowlisting, and an option to block non-intrusive ads. AdBlock Premium can also synchronize your filter list subscriptions and other settings across multiple computers.

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