AdBlock blocks cryptocurrency miners

What is a cryptocurrency miner?

Most people understand that advertising pays for the web content they read, stream, and listen to every day. Unfortunately, the online ads ecosystem has become a swamp. Ad blockers are a direct result of advertisers' disregard for users' browsing experience. Websites are increasingly turning to mining a form of digital money known as cryptocurrency as a way to recoup the revenue lost to ad blockers.

We support attempts to replace bad ads with other forms of revenue, but the ends don't justify the means. News broke in late 2017 that torrent site Pirate Bay and two CBS Showtime network sites were using visitors’ computing resources to mine cryptocurrency without their consent. Using donated idle CPU power to support a worthy cause is fine. Doing it without asking first, running up users' electric bills, draining their laptop batteries, and overheating their computers is not. That’s why we added cryptocurrency mining protection to AdBlock for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. (We plan to add it to our Firefox and Safari extensions in upcoming releases.)

The Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Mining Protection List is enabled automatically when you install AdBlock. You can disable it on the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options.

The FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options, where you can enable or disable the Cryptocurrency Mining Protection List

Authedmine is different

One cryptocurrency mining company,, takes a different approach. Authedmine requires visitors to explicitly opt in to mining for cryptocurrency to support the site running its scripts. Approval expires automatically in 24 hours, giving visitors the choice to opt in again or allow ads to appear instead.

Many people don't mind donating their computer's resources if they're asked nicely. However, the Cryptocurrency Mining Protection List blocks all miners. There is a way to allow Authedmine's scripts to run while continuing to block the bad guys, and that's by adding an exception rule for Authedmine. (Exception, or whitelist, rules, always override blocking, or blacklist, rules.)

How to tell AdBlock to allow Authedmin

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Options.
  2. On the CUSTOMIZE tab, click Edit to open the custom filters box.
  3. Paste the rules below exactly as they appear here, on two lines.
  4. Click Save.

Copy these rules:


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