How do I install or reinstall AdBlock Premium and AdBlock Premium Gold?

This article refers to the legacy version of AdBlock Premium (pictured below).

If you are using our most recent version of AdBlock Premium (which includes image swap, backup/sync, and themes), please see this related Help Center article:  

AdBlock Premium Gold is an upgrade to AdBlock Premium, not a separate product. Whether you are a first-time or returning AdBlock Premium Gold user, start by installing AdBlock Premium. Then:

AdBlock Premium is available only for the Chrome browser at this time.

In this article:

Install AdBlock Premium

Upgrade AdBlock Premium to AdBlock Premium Gold (first-time installation)

Activate AdBlock Premium Gold (subsequent installations)

Install AdBlock Premium

  1. Visit in Chrome and click Click to Install.

    Installing AdBlock Premium

  2. Click Add extension. Learn why we need the permissions we ask for.

    Adding AdBlock Premium to Chrome

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Upgrade to AdBlock Premium Gold (first-time installation)

AdBlock Premium is free forever. You may install it as often as you need to on as many computers as you like. You may upgrade to AdBlock Premium Gold at any time. If you upgrade when you install AdBlock Premium, you will receive a discount on an annual subscription.

Upgrade when you install AdBlock Premium

On the AdBlock Premium post-installation page, select a payment method and complete your payment.

AdBlock Premium post-installation page

Upgrade later

  1. Click the AdBlock Premium button in the browser toolbar and select UNLOCK PREMIUM FEATURES.

    AdBlock Premium basic menu

  2. On the payment page, select a payment method and complete your payment.

    Upgrading to AdBlock Premium Gold later

Learn more about AdBlock Premium Gold

Please see the following articles in our Knowledge Base to learn how to:

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Activate AdBlock Premium Gold (subsequent installations)

You may use the same License Key to unlock AdBlock Premium's paid features (that is, your Gold subscription) on all your computers. There is no limit on the number of times you may use your License Key. (Please don't share your License Key with all 743 of your closest friends!)

  1. Install AdBlock Premium.
    Are you installing AdBlock Premium on an additional computer? If you were signed in to Chrome on the computer you originally installed AdBlock Premium on and you use Google Chrome sync, you can skip this step. Chrome will do it for you. Just sign in to Chrome on the other computer.
  2. Close the post-installation page without paying.
  3. Find the purchase receipt we sent to the email address you provided when you purchased AdBlock Premium Gold. Copy the License Key in the email.
  4. Click the AdBlock Premium button in the browser toolbar and select I already have an activation code.

    AdBlock Premium menu

  5. On the AdBlock Premium activation page, enter your email address and License Key and click Activate.

    AdBlock Premium activation page

Learn more about the differences between AdBlock, AdBlock Premium, and AdBlock Premium Gold.

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