I'm seeing unblockable ads on Ynet.co.il and Walla.co.il

These sites are among many that have begun using extremely aggressive methods to force-feed ads to users with ad blockers installed. In this case, the sites are exploiting a weakness in Chrome and Microsoft Edge to sneak ads through a behind-the-scenes WebRTC connection.

We are continuing to develop ways to block these ads. In the meantime, we recommend visiting the site in Firefox, or, if you're on a Mac, Safari. Firefox and Safari don't suffer from the vulnerability in Chrome and Microsoft Edge that currently prevents these ads from being blocked.

If you prefer not to switch browsers, you can try a Chrome extension called ynetAdblocker that is blocking most of the ads on Ynet.co.il and Walla.co.il. Please note, we are not affiliated with the developer or the product. Report any problems in the developer's issues tracker.

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