When I try to click an item on the AdBlock menu, something else is clicked instead

If you try to select an item on the AdBlock button menu but the mouse pointer points at a different item, here's something to check. Do you have a second monitor attached to your computer? Which display shows the browser where the pointer is offset, your computer's built-in display or the second monitor? If you move the browser to the other display, are you able to select the item you intended?

If so, then we believe this is a bug in Chrome. We found a similar issue reported in the Chromium project bug tracker way back in August 2015.

Google is notoriously slow to fix bugs. While they're looking into this (if they still are; Google is also notorious for deciding not to fix bugs), we have a couple of suggestions you can try.

The first suggestion is to try the workaround suggested in that bug report and disable Chrome hardware acceleration. Here's how: Chrome menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > System, disable Use hardware acceleration.

You can also try opening and closing your browser a couple of times. (Shout out to Grant for this suggestion!)

If all else fails, we suggest keeping your browser on the monitor the menu pointer works on. :)

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