If you try to select an item on the AdBlock button menu but the mouse pointer points at a different item, here's something to check. Do you have a second monitor attached to your computer? Which display shows the browser where the pointer is offset, your computer's built-in display or the second monitor? If you move the browser to the other display, are you able to select the item you intended?

If so, then we believe this is a bug in Chrome. We found a similar issue reported in the Chromium project bug tracker way back in August 2015.

Google is notoriously slow to fix bugs. While they're looking into this (if they still are; Google is also notorious for deciding not to fix bugs), we have a couple of suggestions you can try.

The first suggestion is to try the workaround suggested in that bug report and disable Chrome hardware acceleration. Here's how: Chrome menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > System, disable Use hardware acceleration.

You can also try opening and closing your browser a couple of times. (Shout out to Grant for this suggestion!)

If all else fails, we suggest keeping your browser on the monitor the menu pointer works on. :)