Update December 16, 2017:

The custom filters suggested below no longer block the ads on MSN.com in Chrome. We recommend visiting the site in Microsoft Edge or Firefox, where the ads are blocked just fine, no custom filters required.

In any browser, if you prefer not to see the Microsoft Store ads container at the bottom of the page, click the Edit link and select Remove Section.

Screenshot showing how to remove Microsoft Store ads container on MSN.com

If you prefer to use Chrome anyway, you can try this workaround suggested by one of our users (thanks, Greg!). In Chrome's cookie settings, "manage exceptions," set all cookies from msn.com to be deleted when you exit Chrome. Here's how:

  1. Visit chrome://settings/content/cookies to open Chrome's cookie settings.
  2. Next to "Clear on exit," click ADD.
  3. Type msn.com and click ADD.

Screenshot showing how to tell Chrome to delete MSN.com cookies when you exit Chrome

The original version of this article follows.

According to this post on the EasyList forum, confirmed by us, the following filters block the Outbrain and Taboola "native advertising" (ads disguised as news articles) on this site when visiting in Chrome.

(Updated October 2, 2017, with new filters)

Click the AdBlock button and select Options, then click the CUSTOMIZE tab.

  1. Click Edit to open the custom filters box.
  2. Paste the filters below exactly as given.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Reload the page you're trying to view.

Copy these filters:


If it doesn't help, clear your browser cache and cookies, reset your browser settings, and make sure your browser is up-to-date.