AdBlock blocks Font Awesome social media icons

Updated September 28, 2016: Font Awesome social media icons have been removed from the Antisocial list. That should resolve the issue! If you find it's still happening, please comment in the the Font Awesome bug report.

AdBlock is not the culprit

The Antisocial filter list (a subset of the Fanboy's Annoyances list) is blocking Font Awesome's social media icons, not AdBlock itself.


There doesn't seem to be a good solution that makes everyone happy. Here are some workarounds recommended by commenters in the Font Awesome bug report referred to below:

  • Use, select only the necessary icons for your site, and rename the icons under "Customize names." (uxmoon, July 16, 2014)
  • Rename the classes of the affected icons in your site CSS, then apply the new class names in your site HTML (rinopo, July 29, 2014)
  • If you're using Font Awesome Sass files, change the $fa-css-prefix variable to something other than "fa" (the commenter suggests "fu"; for example, the Twitter icon would be available as fu.fu-twitter). (haydenk, October 10, 2015)
  • Include the fa-ublock-adblock-workaround CSS file in your site CSS and apply these class names. (This method is pretty much the first three suggested above, presented as a drop-in, already-done-for-you file.)
  • Disable Fanboy's Annoyances (or Fanboy's Social Blocking list, if that's the list you subscribed to).
  • If you use Adblock Plus (ABP), disable the option to remove social media buttons.

How did this start?

There's been a lively discussion about this on the EasyList forums since the issue was first discovered in 2013:

...and in the Font Awesome bug tracker:

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