I installed AdBlock for Edge but I'm still seeing lots of ads

As a new browser, Microsoft Edge is a little bit slower than Chrome and some other established browsers. When AdBlock is installed in Edge, we subscribe you to EasyList Lite instead of EasyList to make AdBlock run faster in Edge. EasyList Lite doesn't contain all the filters available in EasyList. That means AdBlock may not be blocking all the ads it should be.

Please open AdBlock's options, and on the FILTER LISTS tab, unsubscribe from EasyList Lite and subscribe to EasyList instead. If that blocks the ads, please let us know so that we can determine how useful EasyList Lite is.

If that doesn't block the ads, try unsubscribing from Acceptable Ads, too. If that helps, you're welcome to keep that list off. If it doesn't help, you may have malware, or this may just be an ad the filter lists don't know about yet. Here are some suggestions!

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