AdBlock is in a different language from my browser

Some browsers allow you to choose the language that the browser and extension interface (menus, options, and so on) is displayed in. With other browsers, the display language is determined by the language your computer system is set to.


  • On a Windows computer or Chromebook, you can choose the display language.
  • On Macs and Linux computers, Chrome uses the system language.


Safari uses the language of the country in which your Mac was purchased, unless you choose a different language.


You can use language packs to display Firefox in different languages. It's easier just to download Firefox in your preferred language.

Microsoft Edge

The situation with Microsoft Edge is more complicated. The browser interface uses the Windows system language. The display language for extensions, however, is determined by your Windows language, region, and format settings.

Microsoft doesn't seem to feel this is an inconvenience for users. We feel differently, so we developed a workaround for our Microsoft Edge fans. As of AdBlock for Microsoft Edge, you can set AdBlock to display in any language we support. Just select your desired language in AdBlock’s options.

Setting AdBlock's display language in Microsoft Edge

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