What is EasyList Lite?

Wait, what's EasyList?

EasyList is the primary ad-blocking filter list that all ad blockers use. It contains filters to block and hide ads everywhere.

OK. What is EasyList Lite?

EasyList Lite is new in AdBlock for Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It's a subset of EasyList. EasyList Lite includes only the filters that actually block and hide ads on the websites people visit most. This makes it several thousand filters smaller than EasyList, and that enables AdBlock to work faster on those sites.

How do you know which filters to include in EasyList Lite?

About 1% of our users opt in to allow us to collect anonymous data from AdBlock. The data we collect only contains the filter list rules that had a "hit" (that is, the rule blocked or hid something), and that rule's hit count. For example, when you visit the website Slashdot.org, the EasyList rule "/scripts/ad." gets a hit. AdBlock sends the rule and hit count ("/scripts/ad." : 1)  to our log server, where it's stored in a file we'll refer to as "filter stats."

We then compare the current version of EasyList to the contents of the "filter stats" file. If a rule that's in the current version of EasyList is also in the "filter stats" file then we know it works and there is value to the rule. If a rule that's in the current version of EasyList is not in the "filter stats" file then we know there is no value to the rule. Only rules that are known to work are included in EasyList Lite.

How do I subscribe to EasyList Lite?

You are automatically subscribed to EasyList Lite when you install AdBlock for Microsoft Edge (Windows) or Firefox (Windows, MacOS, and Android).  

You'll find EasyList Lite in AdBlock's options on the FILTER LISTS tab.

Do I need to subscribe to both EasyList and EasyList Lite?

No. Since EasyList Lite is a subset of EasyList, enabling both would result in a lot of duplicated filters. AdBlock discards duplicate filters.

I'm subscribed to EasyList Lite and I'm seeing ads. Did AdBlock stop working?

No. EasyList Lite may not contain all the filters for every site. Try unsubscribing from it and subscribing to EasyList, which most likely will contain the right filters.

Note: If subscribing to EasyList blocks more ads than EasyList Lite does, please let us know! We're trying to track how helpful the smaller list is. Thanks!

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