What is EasyList Lite?

EasyList is the primary ad blocking filter list that all ad blockers use. It contains filters to block and hide ads everywhere.

EasyList Lite is available in AdBlock for Firefox. EasyList Lite includes only the filters that actually block and hide ads on the websites people visit most. This makes it several thousand filters smaller than EasyList, and that enables AdBlock to work faster on those sites.

How to Enable EasyList Lite

You'll find EasyList Lite in AdBlock's options page on the FILTER LISTS tab. Make sure you disable EasyList before enabling EasyList Lite (and vice versa). Enabling both duplicates multiple filters, which is unnecessary and can slow your browser down.

Note: EasyList Lite may not contain all the filters for every site. If you see ads while using EasyList Lite, try unsubscribing from it and subscribing to EasyList, which most likely will contain the right filters.

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