The AdBlock menu doesn't open or contains only a donation request or icons in Chrome

If the AdBlock menu looks like the following examples for longer than a second or two, AdBlock may have encountered an error that prevented it from loading properly. 

Blank AdBlock menu in Chrome AdBlock menu error MyAdBlock menu error

What to do

First try reloading AdBlock like this:

  1. Open chrome://extensions.
  2. Disable, then re-enable, AdBlock.

If that doesn't help, copy any custom filters you have created to a text file for safekeeping, then reinstall AdBlock. (See this article for a way to get to your custom filters.)

By the way, our payment page opens every time AdBlock is installed. If you don't want to pay for AdBlock at this time, just close the page.

That didn't help. Now what?

If AdBlock still doesn't load properly—or if the menu looks right, but AdBlock's options page is blank—it probably means either your Chrome profile or Chrome itself has become corrupted.

Try installing AdBlock in a new Chrome profile. If AdBlock still doesn't load properly, reinstall Chrome.

Warning: Uninstalling Chrome will completely erase your bookmarks, saved passwords, extensions, and Chrome settings on your computer. Before you proceed, be sure to sign in to Chrome and turn on Chrome sync. That way, all your bookmarks, saved passwords, and extensions will be restored when you sign in to the new installation of Chrome. The only thing you'll need to do yourself is return Chrome's settings to the way they were.

Note: You will need to use an administrator account, have administrator access on your account, or know an administrator password on your computer to perform the following steps.


  1. Uninstall Chrome.
  2. Show hidden files and folders. Be sure to also disable (untick) Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
  3. Open Explorer and navigate to the following folder:
    Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista: C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Google

    Windows XP: 
    C:\Documents and Settings\<YourUserName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
  4. Delete the Chrome folder.
  5. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Google and delete the Chrome folder there, too.
  6. Reinstall Chrome.
  7. Reinstall AdBlock.


  1. Uninstall Chrome.
  2. Open Finder, go to Library/Application Support/Google, and delete the Chrome folder.
  3. Empty the Trash.
  4. Reinstall Chrome.
  5. Reinstall AdBlock.

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