Shockwave Flash keeps crashing in Chrome

On some websites, while the page is loading you may see the message "Waiting for AdBlock" and then get an error that Shockwave Flash has stopped responding.

The first thing to do is to restart Chrome, pause AdBlock (click the AdBlock button and select Pause on this site), and try visiting those sites again. Does Flash continue to crash?

If the sites work when AdBlock is paused, then this is likely a filter list issue. We don't maintain the lists, but we can help you find the one that's breaking the site so that you can report it to the list maintainers. We have some suggestions in this Knowledge Base article: A web page doesn't work or looks wrong with AdBlock on.

If Flash continues to crash even when AdBlock is paused, then it's a Flash issue unrelated to AdBlock or ad blocking. We found a couple of articles on how to troubleshoot Flash crashes, one at, the other at (The latter is a few years old but still has some useful information.)

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