I whitelisted a YouTube channel. Why aren't there any ads showing?

AdBlock is designed to block ads, not show them. At the same time, we're all for supporting YouTube channels you love by allowing them to show you ads. That's why we created our YouTube channel whitelisting feature. AdBlock is the only ad blocker that offers this, by the way, and one reason that's true is because it's very difficult to do.

In fact, we have to resort to a little bit of sleight-of-hand with things like YouTube URLs and other behind-the-scenes trickery. Magic, like YouTube channel whitelisting, is more an art than a science. It doesn't work 100% of the time. On top of that, Google is constantly fiddling with YouTube, tweaking some of the things we use to whitelist ads. That means that something that works perfectly today may not work next week, and then may work again next month.

What to do if you don't see ads on a whitelisted channel

First of all, make sure that there are ads on that channel. Not every YouTuber chooses to allow ads. And Google recently decided to stop allowing YouTubers to monetize videos that (in Google's opinion) violate its standards of use.

  1. Click the AdBlock button and select Pause on this site.
  2. Reload the page.
  3. If you see commercials, click the AdBlock button again and select Resume blocking ads. Reload the page again. That should force the ads to show on that video. After that, ads should show automatically on all other videos on that channel.

If you don't see any ads in the video with AdBlock paused, then that video doesn't have ads.

What do do if you don't see "Whitelist (name) channel" in the AdBlock menu

Make sure to restart your browser after enabling YouTube channel whitelisting in AdBlock's options. Otherwise, your browser won't "recognize" the new feature. Also try it on the channel's YouTube "home page," not just viewing one of its videos.

What do do if you don't see "Allow whitelisting of specific YouTube channels" in AdBlock's options

We know of an extension called YouTube Magic Actions that breaks YouTube channel whitelisting. This has been reported to the extension's developer. We'll update this article if anything changes!

If you don't have YouTube Magic Actions, check your extensions for other possible incompatibilities by disabling all of them (except for AdBlock). Allow whitelisting of specific YouTube channels should again appear in AdBlock's options on the GENERAL tab. Re-enable each extension one by one until the option disappears again. The last extension you re-enabled is the culprit. Disable it for now, and be a good citizen by reporting the issue to the extension's developer. :)

A workaround if none of these suggestions helps

If whitelisting isn't working on one particular channel, just pause AdBlock while you watch its videos. Remember to unpause AdBlock when you leave that channel!

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