AdBlock is blocking an entire website in Safari!

This article applies to our legacy AdBlock for Safari extension for use with Safari 10 and earlier. If you have a later version of our Safari extension or our Safari Mac app, please open a support ticket.

You're browsing along happily in Safari on your Mac computer or laptop, iPhone, or iPad. Suddenly, you come to a website and...the page doesn't load. You're staring at a blank page. You pause AdBlock, and the page loads normally. What the heck happened?

Chances are, you're using Safari content blocking. How can you tell?

  • On your Mac: Click the AdBlock button in the Safari toolbar, select Options, and look on the GENERAL tab. Is Enable Safari Content Blocking checked?
  • On your iPhone or iPad: Open Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. Are all three content blockers on?

First check to see whether a broken filter list might be causing the site to be blocked. Be sure to leave content blocking enabled as you're testing.

If it doesn't seem to be related to a filter list, it might be the site itself. There's a known issue with some websites that don't play nicely with Safari content blocking. If the site you're trying to visit is one of them, the only workaround is to turn off content blocking on that site.

Turn off content blocking on your Mac

  • Click the AdBlock button in the Safari toolbar and select Pause AdBlock. To turn AdBlock back on, select Unpause AdBlock.

Turn off content blocking on your iPhone or iPad

  1. In Safari, long-press the reload button in Safari's address bar (it looks like a semicircular arrow).
  2. When a menu appears at the bottom of the screen, select Reload Without Content Blockers.

To turn content blocking back on, just touch the reload button again.

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