AdBlock is blocking or broke my site! (For site owners)

If your visitors are reporting that images are missing, pages look strange, forms don't work, etc., most often a resource on your site has a name that makes it look like an ad to the filter lists. Far less commonly, there may be a bug in AdBlock.

If visitors can't get to your site at all because AdBlock says it hosts mailware, your site may have been blacklisted by a malware filter list.

A resource on your site is blocked

The first thing to look for is a file or directory with a name that's triggering a filter list to block it. Please see this post on Stack Overflow for a good list of what to look for.

Rename the resource if possible

The best solution is to change the name to something the filter lists won't recognize as an ad.

Ask the list authors for an exception

If you can't change the name (for instance, if the text string "ad" is part of your domain name), you'll need to ask the list authors to add an exception for it. We don't maintain the filter lists. All we can do is point you to the people who can help you.

Here's how to determine which filter list is blocking the resource:

  1. Note which filter lists are enabled on the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options, then disable them.
  2. Reload the page that's not working. It should work now. If it doesn't, skip to "A filter list isn't blocking the resource," below.
  3. Re-enable the first filter list you disabled and wait for AdBlock to fetch it.
  4. Test the page again.
  5. Keep doing that until you find the list that makes the problem come back.

A filter list isn't blocking the resource

Use Mozilla Firefox and Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin to test the page. Be sure to disable AdBlock before you start. If the page works with ABP or uBO but not with AdBlock, then we can investigate the issue as a possible bug in AdBlock.

How to report the issue to the list authors

You can find the contact information for all the filter lists in our Knowledge Base. The list authors may have a formal complaint process or it may be just an emailed request for help. If the list authors use a forum for issue tracking, be sure to read any pinned posts, especially those that begin "Before you post a problem in this forum."

Here are some guidelines for reporting your issue in the EasyList forums.

  1. Click the New Topic button in the appropriate forum.
  2. Name your topic for your site.
    Note: If the site contains adult content, please include "NSFW" ("not safe for work") in the topic subject!
  3. Be sure to include your browser and version and which ad blockers you have tested.
  4. Provide a link to the page that isn't working.
  5. Provide a screenshot of the issue if you can. (Please capture the entire page.)

To include a screenshot in your post:

  1. Upload your screenshot to or a similar picture-sharing site.
  2. Get the "share" URL of the uploaded file.
  3. In your forum post, include this line: [img]URL-TO-YOUR-PICTURE-FILE[/img]

If you don't hear back from the list authors within a few days, we can give them a nudge for you. They might not pay any more attention to us, but we're happy to try.

This is a lot of work. Why can't you just fix the problem?

We would love to help you ourselves and we understand your frustration when we can't. We don't maintain the filter lists, however, and obviously, we don't have administrative rights on your site. The only issues we can fix are those caused by AdBlock itself.

Your entire site is blocked because it hosts malware

If your visitors are seeing a warning like this: AdBlock has blocked a download from a site known to host malware, it's because they have the Malware Protection filter list enabled. Your domain is appearing on a list of known malware hosts maintained by

It can be difficult to know why your site has been blacklisted. It's possible that although you're not serving any ads directly, and certainly not malware, there may be content coming from a third party that's put your site on a blacklist. It could also be that your IP address, your domain name, or your ISP has been blacklisted.

This is what tells site owners:

"Remember that we are a reporting service. All of the data comes from external sources. None of the domains or sites listed on the DNS-BH lists come from data created here. So generally speaking to get off a list you should contact that data source as described in domains.txt file. Check other major antivirus and malware vendors to see if you are also listed there as well as the domains.txt file may not be the only location which lists your domain as malware or malicious."

One major data source is Web of Trust ( You can search for your site to find out its reputation. If there are no user comments, it may not be immediately clear where your site's poor reputation is coming from. WOT provides some suggestions.

You can request a site evaluation from WOT. If WOT clears your site, then most likely others will as well. They ask that you read this information before requesting an evaluation, then use their site evaluation request form.

You should first and foremost make sure your site is verified with both Google and the ISP that's hosting your site. Please read this post on the Google Webmaster Central blog: Helping webmasters re-secure their sites

We found some good articles that explain how a site can be blacklisted, how to find out if your site has been blacklisted, and what you can do about it:

Since we don't have any control over this whatsoever, these are the only leads we can offer. Good luck!

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