Have you found an ad that AdBlock didn't block? Before you report it, there are some troubleshooting steps we'd like you to try first. They are effective at removing unblocked ads most of the time.

If those troubleshooting steps don't remove the ad, you can use our "Report an ad" wizard to report it to the folks who can get the ad blocked. That nearly always isn't us.

Who gets the report?

Most often, the Report an Ad wizard will ask you to report an unblocked ad to the list authors. The wizard takes you through some very basic troubleshooting to try to determine what's causing the ad not to be blocked. The wizard's troubleshooting is much less comprehensive than the steps we suggested at the beginning of this article. If your answers to the questions indicate the ad probably isn't the result of malware, a bad extension, or using the wrong filter lists (or none at all), then the ad is most likely one the filter lists don't know about yet. In that case, only the list authors can help because only they can add new rules to their filter list.

The only time the Report an Ad wizard will result in a report to us is when your answers suggest there might be a problem with AdBlock itself. That's pretty rare, though. And if you have gone through the troubleshooting steps we suggested at the beginning of this article, you will already have covered most of the ways AdBlock could be at fault.

How to use the Report an Ad wizard

Note: Step 1 is for Safari users only. Everyone else, start at Step 2.

  1. Safari users, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Options. On the GENERAL tab, select I'm an advanced user, show me advanced options.
  2. On the page that contains the ad, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Report an ad on this page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page that opens.

How to report an ad to the list authors

If the wizard directs you to report the ad to the authors of the relevant filter list, click the link and report it like this.