Report an unblocked ad

I thought I was supposed to tell you AdBlock isn't working. What am I doing here?

First, we want to apologize for giving you the wrong impression. Our "Report an ad" feature was never intended to be used to report unblocked ads to us. This is what it was supposed to do:

  1. Step users through some basic troubleshooting. This usually fixed the most common reasons an ad isn't blocked.
  2. Direct users to report the ad to the filter list authors if the ad still wasn't blocked. Why? Because the filter list that was supposed to block it probably just didn't know about it yet. The only way to get a new ad blocked is to bring it to the attention of the volunteers who maintain the filter lists. They aren't us. We have no control over the filter lists.

So why didn't any of that happen?

It was becoming clear that our "Report an ad" feature was confusing for our users. It set up the expectations that 1) it was the way to report an unblocked ad to us, and 2) reporting it to us would get the ad blocked immediately. None of that was true. It should have been called "Help me do some quick, basic things to make the ad go away and if it doesn't, tell me which filter list to report it to." The shorthand we used, "Report an ad," was misleading, and did our users a disservice.

That's why we have temporarily removed our "Report an ad" feature and brought you to this (somewhat long-winded) explanation instead. We plan to bring back "Report an ad" with a new name and a whole new design to give our users a much better troubleshooting experience.

In the meantime, you can find the same troubleshooting steps here: Seeing unblocked ads? Start here!

Please keep in mind that it isn't always possible to block all ads on every site. Unlike some other ad blockers, we don't take a "scorched earth" approach to ad blocking. If the only way to block an ad is to break the page it's on, we will prioritize site functionality over ad blocking to preserve the user experience.

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