You might notice that sometimes AdBlock's menus don't show everything you remember being there the last time you looked. That's because the menus change depending on which browser you're using, the kind of web page you're on, whether you've enabled Advanced mode, and whether you've clicked or right-clicked the AdBlock button.

Note: If the AdBlock menu is ever entirely blank, uninstall and reinstall AdBlock.


Internal pages such as the New Tab page or chrome://extensions:

Click Right-click

(See how the AdBlock button is gray?)

Web pages:

Default mode Advanced mode

Microsoft Edge

Internal pages such as the New Tab page:

Click Right-click

Web pages:

Default mode Advanced mode


It's pretty much the same as in Chrome, with slight changes in wording.


Things get a little more complicated in Safari, which throws content blocking into the mix.

No content blocking, default mode Content blocking, default mode

 No content blocking, Advanced mode  Content blocking, Advanced mode

Congratulations! You now know more about AdBlock than 95% of the world's population, or at least that percentage of it that uses AdBlock!