How do I provide a screenshot?

When we're troubleshooting ads or errors, there's no substitute for knowing exactly what you're seeing. Here's how to provide a screenshot when you submit a bug or ad report. It will save you some time if you can provide one with your report, because we can start troubleshooting much earlier.


  • It will help if you capture your entire screen. Often there are things we need to see that "fall out of the shot" when you capture only the ad itself.
  • Please send us only .gif, .jpg, or .png files. They're much easier for us to open across all the browsers and operating systems we use.
  • In the instructions that follow, Ctrl+V (for example) means "press and hold the Ctrl key and press the V key." Case doesn't matter here. Ctrl+V is the same as Ctrl+v. If you use a Mac, replace Ctrl with Cmd.

Create a screenshot

Follow these instructions from to capture a screenshot in Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS (Chromebook), Android, and iOS. Be sure to save it to a file.

You can also use the camera on a mobile device to take a picture of your computer's display. Please check the picture to be sure it's clear (not blurry), glare-free, and large enough to see easily.

Get it to us

Now that you have your screenshot in a file, it's time to put it in a support ticket or email.

Attach a screenshot to a new support ticket

  1. On our support site,, click +New support ticket.
  2. Click Attach a file under the "Tell us more" box.
  3. Find the file you saved and click Open.

Email a screenshot to us

Attach the file to an email. Please see your email application help for specific instructions.

  • If you're reporting a new issue, send the email to
  • If you already have a ticket open, attach the file to a reply to our email.

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