About the Acceptable Ads program and "non-intrusive" ads

With AdBlock's default settings enabled, you may occasionally run into a non-intrusive ad. That's because AdBlock participates in the Acceptable Ads program. Acceptable Ads defines strict guidelines to identify non-intrusive ads, which AdBlock shows by default. You can opt out of this setting at any time.

Did AdBlock start the Acceptable Ads program?

No. The Acceptable Ads program was started by Adblock Plus (ABP), an unrelated product developed by a different company and our friendly rival. In 2017, ABP moved control of the Acceptable Ads program to a third-party review board.

Does that mean AdBlock makes money from advertisers?

No. AdBlock is not involved in running the Acceptable Ads program or deciding what advertisers are allowed in. We do not get a cut of the fees large advertisers pay to join. It's true that Adblock Plus earns revenue from large companies that pay to be included in the Acceptable Ads allowlist, however, the fees large companies pay subsidize smaller companies, which can join the allowlist for free. No company can pay to allow ads that don't meet the criteria.

Can I turn Acceptable Ads off?

Yes. We believe users should control what they see on the web. That, after all, is what AdBlock is all about. You can easily opt out of the Acceptable Ads program. Simply click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the dropdown. On the General tab, disable  Acceptable Ads. (Find out more about Acceptable Ads and third-party tracking.) If you're using the AdBlock for Safari app, please see these instructions.

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