Won’t AdBlock’s popularity destroy it?

People who love AdBlock sometimes worry about us. They worry that if AdBlock gets too popular, advertisers will retaliate somehow and AdBlock will be rendered useless.

Don’t worry.

First, smart advertisers know that ad blockers aren’t their enemy. Most people who use ad blockers wouldn’t click their ads anyway; they don’t like ads. And all those wasted impressions makes the advertisers look bad. So they’re not out to get us.

Second, users love us. It’s users who donate, maintain filter lists, provide bug reports, and send thank-you notes. With so much good will on our side, how can we lose?

We know that AdBlock makes the web a nicer place, and we want more people to experience that. We hope you do, too.

So don’t worry. With your help, AdBlock will stay strong. We’re not planning to disappear. We’ll keep working to ensure AdBlock provides a great experience for its users. Including you!

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