Isn't AdBlock destroying the web?

AdBlock has no desire to destroy the Web. We understand that many sites use advertising to pay for the content they create.

But we also know how important it is to users to have control over their experience on the web. We give AdBlock away for free, but enough users donate out of simple gratitude to keep the project running.

The truth is that many people feel overwhelmed by advertising. As AdBlock creator Michael Gundlach has said:

“I've been thanked by blind people who can read the web better without the distraction of advertisements; epileptic users who have fewer seizures when using AdBlock; ADHD students who can focus better on their work with AdBlock's help; parents and pastors who love how much safer the web is for children when AdBlock is enabled.”

Every website can choose what content they charge for and what they give away for free. We want users to have choices, too. That's why AdBlock gives its users total control over what they block or unblock. And with two clicks, they can choose to show all the ads on a site.

We understand that not everyone loves AdBlock. And we’d love to find ways to make more people happy. But our first priority is to give users control over their browsing experience.

We think that makes the world a better place.

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