Is AdBlock available on my iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile device?

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Yes

Android: Yes

  • Samsung Internet browser
    Yes! As of version 6.2, Samsung's Internet browser runs on all Android 5.0 and later devices.

    You can find AdBlock for Samsung Internet Browser (the one by BetaFish Inc; accept no substitutes!) in the Galaxy Apps store or the Google Play store. Here's how to install it.

    Need help determining which version of Android is running on your device? (Not sure which device you have? While you're in your system settings > about phone page, find your model number and Google it to identify the phone or tablet model, manufacturer, and carrier.)
  • Firefox
    Yes! You can find AdBlock for Firefox in the Mozilla Addons Store on your mobile device.

  • Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Edge is a vanishingly small market right now. Like most developers, at this time we just can't justify the resources needed to convert our Windows extension for the Android version of Edge. We're keeping an eye on the situation, however.

  • Other browsers, including Chrome
    Chrome on Android doesn't support browser extensions, and we don't support any of the browsers that do.

Windows Mobile: No

  • Edge
    If Microsoft adds support for browser extensions and if they make the extension API available, then if enough people ask for it, we'll consider developing AdBlock for Edge on Windows phones.

  • Other browsers, including Chrome

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Bonus tip: If you can't use AdBlock, you may have other options

We have some suggestions for other ways to block ads on a mobile device!

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