Which filter lists should I use?

Like other ad blockers that run in a web browser, AdBlock uses lists of filter rules ("filter lists") to know what things it should block and hide on web pages you visit. The filter lists available in AdBlock depend on the type of device AdBlock is running on.

Our mobile apps (AdBlock for Mobile on iOS devices, AdBlock for Samsung Internet on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 Android devices, and AdBlock for Firefox on Android devices) feature different filter list options from our desktop browser extensions (AdBlock for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari). The device types a filter list is available in are indicated below.

Filter lists that are "built into" AdBlock

The most widely used filter lists are available as selectable options in AdBlock's settings. To activate a filter list, also known as subscribing to or enabling a filter list, select its checkbox on the FILTER LISTS tab in AdBlock's options.

Ad-blocking filter lists

English-language websites: EasyList and AdBlock Custom

EasyList is the primary list of ad-blocking filters that all ad blockers use. AdBlock needs it to know what website requests are ads that it should block or hide.

Available in: All versions of AdBlock

AdBlock Custom cleans up a few troublesome filters from EasyList and other filters that break specific sites, and adds blocks for ad providers EasyList doesn't care about.

Available in: All desktop versions of AdBlock, AdBlock for Firefox (Android)

Always use both AdBlock Custom (if available) and EasyList (or EasyList Lite).

Anti-Circumvention blocks some particularly stubborn types of ads that are designed to circumvent ad blockers.

Non-English websites: Regional filter lists

If you visit websites in languages other than English, also subscribe to the filter lists for those languages so that you block more than just English ads.

Available in: All versions of AdBlock except the AdBlock for Safari app

If you need a language that's not built into AdBlock, search for other language lists at the Adblock Plus Subscriptions page or Fanboy's Regional Lists page. To subscribe to a filter list, click the "Subscribe" link on the Adblock Plus page or the "Add List" link on the Fanboy's page and click OK.

You can also try entering "<your language> filter list" in your favorite search engine. For instance, "persian filter list" led us to two Persian/Farsi filter lists. If you often visit Persian or Farsi websites, subscribe to these filter lists by pasting their URLs in the URL box under Custom Filter Lists in AdBlock's options, FILTER LISTS tab: http://ideone.com/plain/K452p and http://ideone.com/plain/z1z0N3.

Other filter lists

Other filter lists built into AdBlock don't block ads but do other useful things.

Acceptable Ads

Acceptable Ads blocks intrusive, annoying ads while allowing ads that promise to be good. This list is enabled by default when you install AdBlock to make it easy to support websites that try to be good Internet citizens. You're welcome to disable it and just whitelist sites you want to support. You can even whitelist specific YouTube channels to support your favorite YouTubers.

Available in: All versions of AdBlock

Note: If you are subscribed to Acceptable Ads, you can't choose to block ads on some sites. Whitelist filters such as those in the Acceptable Ads list always override blacklist (blocking) filters.

Adblock Warning Removal List

The Adblock Warning Removal List hides requests to disable ad blockers on websites you visit, but does not circumvent anti-adblocking measures. Note the capitalization, by the way. The list refers to ad blocking in general, not AdBlock specifically.

Available in: All versions of desktop AdBlock, AdBlock for Samsung Internet, AdBlock for Firefox (Android)

Note: If a site requires you to turn off your ad blocker, we have some suggestions for you.


The Antisocial filter list removes social media buttons on web pages.

Available in: All versions of desktop AdBlock, AdBlock for Firefox (Android)


The Antisocial list is intended to block social media buttons that track your browsing activity. However, it also blocks social media buttons that do other things, such as link to a social media site or enable you to log in using a social media account. Subscribing to this list can break some website functionality that relies on Facebook and social media sign-in.

Websites that use Font Awesome social media icons as buttons may break if users have this list enabled. For users, the workaround is to disable the Antisocial filter list while visiting. Site owners can prevent this using a couple of different workarounds.


EasyPrivacy is an offshoot of EasyList that prevents ads from following you around the web, by blocking the trackers advertisers use to know where you've been.

Available in: All versions of desktop AdBlock, AdBlock for Samsung Internet (EasyPrivacy+EasyList), AdBlock for Firefox (Android), AdBlock for Mobile (iOS)

Fanboy's Annoyances

Fanboy's Annoyances blocks in-page pop-ups (the kind that ask you to subscribe to the site's newsletter or email list), social media and related widgets, and other annoying things on web pages.

Available in: All versions of desktop AdBlock, AdBlock for Firefox (Android)

Warning: Fanboy's Annoyances includes the Antisocial filter list. This means two things.

  1. If you subscribe to Fanboy's Annoyances, be sure to unsubscribe from Antisocial.
  2. Enabling this list can break some website functionality that relies on Facebook and other social media signons and can prevent you from signing on to a website using a social media account.

Malware protection

The Malware protection filter list prevents you from visiting sites that are known to host malware. We recommend keeping this list enabled.

Available in: All versions of desktop AdBlock, AdBlock for Firefox (Android)

Filter lists built into our mobile apps

A few filter lists that you can subscribe to by URL in the desktop versions of AdBlock are available as selectable options in AdBlock for Samsung Internet:

  • Adware filters and Malware Domains help to protect you from sites known to host adware and malware
  • I don't care about cookies and Prebake prevent you from seeing notices about cookies on websites that use them
  • Spam404 helps to protect you from spamming websites

Additional filter lists you can subscribe to

All the filter lists above are available as selections in AdBlock's options. You can also subscribe to filter lists if you know their Internet address (or URL), or if the list provides an automatic subscription link. Here are a few we know about. You can ask on the EasyList forum for others. We also found a huge list of even more filter lists for specialized uses.

Warning: Subscribing to lots of filter lists will slow your browsing, sometimes considerably. AdBlock will have to first load thousands of additional filters when you start your browser, then check all those filters on every page you visit. We recommend using only the filter lists you absolutely need to.

Subscribe to additional filter lists by URL

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Options, then click the CUSTOMIZE tab.
  2. Under Custom Filter Lists in the box next to Or enter a URL, paste one of the links provided below.
  3. Click Subscribe and wait a moment for AdBlock to fetch the filters.

Hide annoying things on Facebook

If you're seeing ads on Facebook, see these suggestions instead.

Hide annoying things on YouTube

If you're seeing ads in YouTube videos, see these suggestions instead.

Subscribe to additional filter lists by subscription link

Some filter lists provide a "click to subscribe" link. To add them to AdBlock, click the provided link and then click OK to confirm.

Who owns the filter lists?

AdBlock owns and maintains the AdBlock Custom filter list. All the other filter lists are owned and maintained by volunteers outside of AdBlock. We can act as a liaison when needed, but we have no control over the volunteers or the lists. This means that we can't fix problems with the filter lists. What we can do is to help you determine which filter list is causing an issue and tell you how to contact the list maintainers to ask them to fix it.

Bonus tip: How to see what filters the lists contain

  1. Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar and select Options.
  2. On the GENERAL tab, select I'm an advanced user, show me advanced options.
  3. Click the FILTER LISTS tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Show links to the filter lists.
  5. Click the link that appears to the right of the filter list name. A new page will open, showing the contents of the filter list.

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