Uninstalling AdBlock completely removes it from your browser as if it had never been installed, and leaves no trace of it on your system.

WARNING! If you are removing AdBlock as part of troubleshooting an issue and you have created any custom filters, copy them to a text file for safekeeping first.

Note: If you are uninstalling AdBlock because a website requires you to, please see this Knowledge Base article first: A website is telling me to disable AdBlock before it will show content

Note: The payment page opens each time you install AdBlock. Please read it all the way through in case we have new information about AdBlock to share with you. If you don't want to pay for AdBlock, just close the page.

Are you looking for information about how to block ads on a mobile device? Please see this article instead.

Chrome (Desktop)



  • Right-click (CTRL+click on a Mac) the AdBlock button and select Remove from Chrome.
  • Alternatively, type chrome://extensions in the address bar. Click the trash can next to AdBlock in the extensions list.

Note: If AdBlock keeps coming back when you start Chrome, it's likely a sync issue. Please see this Knowledge Base article for some suggestions: AdBlock keeps coming back after I install it!

Chrome (iOS, Android)

The mobile Chrome browser doesn't support browser extensions.




  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click More More > More tools > Extensions.
  3. Next to the extension you want to remove, click the trash can icon Remove an extension from Chrome.
  4. Click Remove.


  • Alternatively, right-click the AdBlock button and select Remove from Chrome.

Microsoft Edge (Desktop)

Note: You'll need at least the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to use extensions in Microsoft Edge.




  1. Click the More (...) button and select Extensions.
  2. Click Get extensions from the StoreAdBlock should be near the top of the list of extensions. You can also find it in the Windows Store.
  3. Click Free to install it.
  4. After the installation is complete, switch back to Edge.
  5. Read the extension permissions notification and select Turn on. Learn about the permissions AdBlock requests.
  6. Click the More (...) button and select Extensions.
  7. Point to the AdBlock button and select the Settings cog.
  8. Next to Show button next to the address bar, click Off to toggle the setting to On.


  1. Click the More (...) button and select Extensions.
  2. Point to the AdBlock button and select the Settings cog.
  3. Click Uninstall.

Safari (Desktop)


  1. Visit https://getadblock.com and click Get AdBlock Now!.
  2. Open your Downloads folder and click AdBlock.safariextz.
  3. Click Install from Gallery. Learn about the permissions AdBlock requests.

Here's a nice article from Lifewire.com, with pictures.

Note: If you keep getting an error when you try to install AdBlock in Safari, please see this Knowledge Base article: Safari can't install or update AdBlock


  1. Select Safari in the menu bar, then select Preferences > Extensions > AdBlock and click Uninstall.
  2. Restart Safari.

Safari (iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Note: Not all iOS devices support AdBlock.


  1. Get AdBlock in the App Store or search the App Store for AdBlock for Mobile by BetaFish Inc.

  2. Tap First: Enable AdBlock!.
  3. (Optional) If you prefer not to allow some non-intrusive advertising to support websites, slide the selection button to the left to turn off this feature.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Open Settings on your device's home screen.
  6. Tap Safari > Content Blockers.
  7. Make sure all three AdBlock content blockers are turned on.
  8. Return to the AdBlock app.
  9. Tap Next: Test your settings!. Safari should open the "AdBlock is working!" page on getadblock.com. If it doesn't, please let us know!

Note: If you can't activate the AdBlock Content Blockers, check to make sure you haven't turned on Restrictions.


  • Long-press the AdBlock icon on your device's home screen. When all the icons start to jiggle, touch the x on the AdBlock icon and tap Delete.
Note: Seeing a message from "Adblock" about updating a VPN profile on your iPhone? It's a different ad blocker. AdBlock for Mobile by BetaFish (that's us) doesn't use a VPN. We have more information in this Knowledge Base article: AdBlock on my iPhone/iPad asks for a VPN profile or tells me I need to update my VPN profile

Firefox (Desktop)


  1. Visit https://getadblock.com and click Get AdBlock Now! or find it in the Mozilla Add-ons Store.
  2. Click +Add to Firefox. Learn about the permissions AdBlock requests.
  3. Click Install.


  • Type about:addons in the address bar. Click Remove next to AdBlock for Firefox in the extensions list.

Firefox (Android)


  1. Tap the Firefox menu and select Add-ons.
  2. Tap Browse all Firefox Add-ons.
  3. Tap the Find add-ons box and search for AdBlock for Firefox.
  4. Tap +Add to Firefox.
  5. Tap ADD.


  1. Tap the Firefox menu and select Add-ons.
  2. Select AdBlock.
  3. Tap Uninstall.

Internet Explorer

Note: AdBlock doesn't support Internet Explorer because IE doesn't support JavaScript-based extensions such as AdBlock.

Samsung Internet (Android)

Note: Samsung's Galaxy Apps store hasn't released our updated version. Please get AdBlock for Samsung Internet from Google Play instead.


  1. Find AdBlock for Samsung Internet (the one by BetaFish Inc. Accept no substitutes!) from the Galaxy Apps store Google Play store and tap the download button.
  2. Tap the play button to open AdBlock and then follow the prompts.


  1. Open the Apps drawer and drag the AdBlock icon to the trashcan.