Do you want to support sites you love by allowing them to show you ads? (By the way, this is known as "whitelisting" the site.) Great! There are several ways to stop AdBlock from blocking ads.

But first, let's make sure you're in the right place.

Are you on a site that requires you to whitelist it or disable AdBlock before it will show you content?

If you like the site and you want to support it by allowing ads to show, keep reading this article.

If you don't want to see any ads on that site, read this article instead. The article you're reading right now only applies to sites you love and want to support.

Do you want to remove AdBlock entirely?

Do you want to stop blocking ads on your mobile device?
The methods described below work in your desktop browser. If you want to pause AdBlock on your mobile device or whitelist websites on your iPhone or iPad, things work a little differently.

OK, if you're in the right place, let's get started!

A note about "the AdBlock button":
In the instructions that follow, the AdBlock button is the button in your browser's toolbar that looks like our logo (a white hand inside a red stop sign). If you don't see the AdBlock button in your browser toolbar, it may be hidden. Here's how to show it.

Pause AdBlock to temporarily show ads everywhere

You can pause AdBlock and allow ads to show on every website without exception. It will stay paused until you tell it to start working again or the next time you launch your browser.

  • Click the AdBlock button and select Pause AdBlock. Click Unpause AdBlock to start it working again.

Always show ads on some sites (or certain pages on a site)

You can tell AdBlock to never run at all on certain websites while still working everywhere else.
  • Click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, select Don't run on pages on this domain, and then click Exclude.

By the way, a "domain" is the part of a website address that comes after "www." and before ".com," ".net," ".uk," and so on. For example, in the address, the domain is "getadblock."

If you change your mind later, here's how to start blocking ads on that site again. Visit the site, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, and select Undo my blocks on this domain.

If you don't see that on the menu, select Options. On the CUSTOMIZE tab next to Manually edit your filters, click Edit  Delete any line containing the name of the website. Click Save, go back to the web page, and reload it.

You can also tell AdBlock to never run on certain pages on a website while still working on all other pages on the site.

  • On the page you want to allow ads on, click the AdBlock button and select Don't run on this page.

If you change your mind later, here's how to resume blocking ads on a page. Visit the page you whitelisted, click the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar, and select Enable AdBlock on this page.

Always show ads on certain YouTube channels

You can whitelist specific YouTube channels you want to support.

Run AdBlock in whitelist mode to always show ads everywhere except on some sites

By default, AdBlock runs in "blacklist" mode; that is, it blocks ads on all websites. You can tell AdBlock to run in "whitelist" mode instead, showing ads on all websites. Whitelist mode is similar to simply pausing AdBlock. In whitelist mode, however, you can still block ads on some websites, and it will remain in whitelist mode until you turn it off.

  1. Click the AdBlock button and select Options.
  2. On the CUSTOMIZE tab under "Stop blocking ads," click Show ads everywhere except for these domains.
  3. Type the domains where you don't want to see any ads. Use this format:||; for example,|
    Note: To get that vertical bar (|), press Shift+Backslash (\).
  4. Click OK.
As soon as you type a website in that box and click OK, AdBlock will enter whitelist mode.

To turn off whitelist mode, delete all the domains you entered and click OK.

Create an exception rule to whitelist blacklisted ads

Exception (whitelist) rules always override blocking (blacklist) rules. You can use AdBlock's resource page to create an exception to a blacklist rule in a filter list.

Why are no ads showing when I come to a whitelisted site using a shortlink?

Please see this Knowledge Base article. (By the way, a "shortlink" is the shortened form of a website address.)