Should be able to turn off superfluous double confirmation popup

When you click on "Unblock this site" you get a very well-designed dialog with a slider determining how deep in the site you want to block ads.  Bravo.  Then you click "Exclude", the page reloads and you can start reading the site -- except that you then have to click "Done" to clear a new popup that tells you that you did what you know you did. 

This is exactly the kind of box that should have a "Don't show this popup in the future" checkbox.  I already confirmed my action; there's no need to get this notification every time.  And because it waits until the page fully reloads, it just slows things down.  Would be great if this were gone, or left that up to the user.  I love AdBlock but this alone is irritating enough to have me evaluating other alternatives. 

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  • Thanks for sharing this feedback with us, Bob! I'll pass it along to our Product team for review. Have a great day!

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