Image Swap - Add Images over Ads


Is it possible if you can improve the Image Swap feature so that you have the choice of disabling AdBlock when the site asks you to, but to still block the ads? So, for example, to add an image on top of the ad so the websites are happy, but the end-user (me) only sees the image and not the ad itself.


  • Hi there Oliver, and welcome to the AdBlock forums :)

    I'm not one of the AdBlock team, but I am a regular on the forums. I can't give official answers on behalf of the team, but I do like to provide my own personal thoughts on things sometimes.

    In some ways, this idea might be a little bit tricky, as you'd have to be careful not to cause any fraudulent or suspicious activity related to the ads. The exact policies keep changing though, so I'll see if Kari or Christina might be around to get their thoughts.

    Thanks for the idea!

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