I know it's only an April Fools joke...

But I have to admit that AdBlock The Game is pretty fun to play about with!

However, can anyone beat my score of 1 minute 27 seconds?


With that said, I could probably do a few tricks to turn that AdBlock cannon into something superpowered that just shoots those ads down so fast they can't get near me...

  • This could go on forever couldn't it! :P

    I admit defeat... For now... But I will find yet another overly ingenious measure that doesn't involve the use of editing screenshots in GIMP to make them appear longer than reality...

    Game on my friend, game on :D

    And at this rate, AdBlock Game Studios might as well become a reality! Hey Christina, any chances of an AdBlock the Game II next year?

  • Good question! I know nothing for certain, but I will say our team had way too much fun putting the game together, and I would not be surprised at all if we saw future iterations in the near future! :)

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