I know it's only an April Fools joke...

But I have to admit that AdBlock The Game is pretty fun to play about with!

However, can anyone beat my score of 1 minute 27 seconds?


With that said, I could probably do a few tricks to turn that AdBlock cannon into something superpowered that just shoots those ads down so fast they can't get near me...

  • Hey Matthew,

    We're glad you enjoyed AdBlock The Game! Our very own Christina Burns made it to 10 minutes in testing. But I think your record stands in a real-world environment. :D

    Stay awesome,


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  • Haha, nice one! I've no idea how Christina managed to last 10 minutes, but somehow I suspect magic dashboard trickery might have had something to do with it.

    But if you thought 1 minute 27 was good, try 1 minute 36.


    And yes, it gets intense once you get past 1 minute. Using my laptop touchpad and my Bluetooth mouse clearly isn't good enough by itself apparently...

    But I can go one better with some tricks of my own. Muhahahahahaha

  • Muhahahahahaha, it seems even Christina is defeated by the mighty Blastoise186 and ingeniously devilish magic - I'm not just an AdBlock wizard!

    Cue deliberately timed 1337 joke 


    By that point the game had become a bit laggy, so I probably found a bug or two! But it gets better...



    As you can see, I'm really good at this game, as I was able to fire a complete bombardment of shots at the Ads, so much for not having AdBlock on that computer :P

    And to be honest, eventually the game got so badly laggy and began to break from the bugs that I got bored and called it quits... But not before blasting Christina's time out of the water!


    If anyone really thinks they are brave enough to beat 22 minutes and 34 seconds, please show me your time here! And to be honest, I'd given up after 21 minutes, but the game got so laggy that it took an extra minute before anything even got close to that PC.


    As a side note, if you make an AdBlock The Game V2, please make sure the shots from the cannon don't keep travelling forever, it really didn't help the lag!

    Good luck Christina, but I bet I've just set an unbeatable time. If you want to know how I managed it... I got lucky

  • LOL LOL LOL That's exactly what Christina ran into! We figured folks would get tired long before the lag became too irritating. Awesome, Matthew, truly awesome. Christina and the team will get a kick out of your results, I know!

    :) Rhana

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  • Wow - I applaud you, Matthew! There's no way I'm beating that time. :) I hereby humbly concede my title: Champion of AdBlock the Game!

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  • Haha, thanks! Maybe I might just reveal a secret about how I managed that time. I had a bit of help, so to speak...

    That Bluetooth mouse of mine has a few tricks hidden away, like the ability to re-assign the buttons to something else.

    Since I have a laptop, I also have a touchpad anyway, so I might have reassigned every button on my Bluetooth mouse to left click only in Google Chrome :P Since the touchpad retains it's usual settings, I didn't have to worry about not having anything else.

    So I might have had five times the clicking power than normal - and you never said I couldn't use five left clicks at once!

    The funny thing is that I was actually capable of keeping the game going forever, the only reason I stopped was because by the time you get over 20 minutes, AdBlock The Game is basically so laggy that it's pretty much unplayable. Even the clock was lagging out and glitching!


  • I found something else to get insane scores...

    Switching off of the game tab causes all functions of the game to stop...

    except the timer.

    Using this, I managed a time of 30:05 without firing a single shot!
    I guess using AdBlock really does help!


    Check. Mate.

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  • Hi Ethy 202,

    LOL LOL I applaud your ingenuity! I'll pass that little loophole along to our developers to ensure your record stands. :D

    Stay awesome,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • *See's my record completely destroyed* Rats... Well, congratulations on not just obliterating my time, but using the most ingenious strategy ever! But I'll be back...
  • Muhahahahahaha,

    I told you I'd be back, and this is an even more bonkers time, but it might also be my last attempt, since by this point... It's getting a bit tedious to keep going :P

    Since my last trick got beaten, I'll reveal how my 25 minute time was crafted. On that record breaker which lasted a month, I used a Macro that spammed left clicks on my Bluetooth Mouse at an insane speed (DO NOT EVER do this in a real game, it's cheating and I only did it for AdBlock the Game as it's just an April Fools joke anyway!). I never do this for real games obviously, but I think I got my mouse to spam something like 10,000 clicks a second.

    Oh - and yes, I deleted the Macro as soon as I was done with the joke.

    As a safety measure, I locked it down to work only in the game and made sure I had an emergency stop button. That basically meant I had it on toggle mode. Swiping the touch sensor on my mouse turned the Macro on and off, so I could prevent it going too crazy :P

    And from there, yup I simply had to spin my mouse around to create an insane force field of shots. Gotta say it was ingenious until Ethy 202 came along.

    But I'm not giving up the title that easily!


    As you can see above, I just got a time of 40 minutes and 12 seconds with an even more ingenious and secret tactic that I'm never going to reveal.


    Good luck :D

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  • Matthew, you are a wild man and I am in awe of you.

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  • After spending a long time with the tab running, I've made a new record time...




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  • Oh and by the way, this uber secret technique of mine also didn't even involve firing a single shot, or messing with the tab, or using Developer Tools...

    I'm just overly ingenious :)

  • I've been waiting for this moment.

    I used my own strategy to get the wondrous time of 8625:45. This meant leaving this tab not running for about 6 days. I'll be claiming that title now! :P


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