Great job! God will pay you well

  • Guys and Girls

    I have never donated voluntarily to any free software. As they always end up making up the $ with ads that annoy the shit out of us....until you guys decided to put those big brass ones on the line and challenge the global commercial model of free web services and products.

    I have donated $50 (I know not a great deal....maybe in other currencies but we're talking Aussie dollars here) but that's not the point...finally there is someone out there challenging the Status Quo to bring the net back to why we went there in the first watch youtube without ads  (that may have been a BIT of an exaggeration but I was caught up in the moment of feeling proud!), and I wanted to support you guys and girls in your crusade.

    Now it may very well not be a crusade, but let me believe so as telling me otherwise will make me think Santa isn't true!.....wouldn't that be terrible to find out that Mum and Dad had been lying all these years???

    In all seriousness Legends.....Power to you.

    Go hard!


  • Hullo, JA!

    Thanks so much for your generous donation, and especially for taking the time to write. We love hearing from friends like you! We're very happy AdBlock has made your Internet day (and your YouTube viewing) a bit more pleasant. :)

    By the way, I still believe in Santa. Always hear that bell!

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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