Cookie cleaner feature to AdBlock

I think it could be a cool feature if there was a build in cookie cleaner function in Adblock. 

Cleaning cookies can of cause be done in the browser settings, but then everything is cleaned, also the few cookies that should be there for the "good websites" to work.

The ideal cookie cleaner should therefore show me what is going on behind the scenes and let me decide what should happen with the cookies and clear the cookies I do not want when i close the browser.

I know there are other apps that can do this, but one awesome tool that could block ads like Adblock and clean tracking cookies on the fly would be an even better offering.

Please let me hear what you think about this.


  • Hi Lars!

    I'm not one of the AdBlock team (Rhana is though!), but I am a regular on the forums.

    There's actually an easier way to do this on Chrome which doesn't require extensions. I don't know about other browsers because I haven't checked.


    What you'll want to do is go into Settings and then search for "Cookies" which should reveal "Content Settings". Once you're in there, click Cookies again and you'll get a page like the one above.

    You can use this page to decide how to manage Cookies. So if you wanted to keep the good ones you need while throwing out the bad stuff into the bin, that's the ideal place for you. As a bonus tip, clicking "See all cookies and site data" will let you see everything, so it's a good two in one solution.

    I can see where you're going with the idea though! I just prefer to keep things simple myself and if something I already have works nicely, I don't tend to want something else on top.


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  • Hi Lars,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Matthew's right; most browsers provide a pretty easy way to do this already. (Thanks for including instructions, Matthew!) Also, the Chrome Web Store folks aren't happy with developers whose extensions try to do unrelated activities. Block ads? Sure! Block ads AND clean cookies? Not so much!

    :) Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Hi Matthew and Rhana,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions. 

    I did not know that such features actually existed in Chrome.


  • No worries Lars :)

    As a very long standing AdBlock user myself (right since it first launched!) I've seen many things get changed in AdBlock over time (AdBlock Sunglasses anyone?), but the best approach is always the "Do One Thing" strategy.

    Also, I'm very weary of extensions that attempt to modify browser cookies myself - because that is another level of private data which I don't want just anyone getting access to.

    Glad that my info helps though!

    Stay awesome :)

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