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Better Popup blocking

Some website can open popup ads in my browser despite the ad blocker, like this website : 

The popup opens as a link for a picture and then it redirect to ad links... 

This isn't the only website, at first it started with 1 website and then many more used this method and now i feel like the adblocker isn't really blocking.

also if you can make the adblocker undetectable because almost all websites now asks you to disable it before you continue which is annoying.   

Thank you.

  • Hi Kiki,

    These are pretty common requests. For the first one, how well ad blockers can prevent those pop-ups depends largely on the browser you use. When you think about it, that kinda makes sense. Extensions extend the capabilities of the browser they're installed in (it's why they're called "extensions"). But they can't fix weaknesses in the browser.

    If you use Chrome (and most people are), that's what's allowing those pop-ups. Chrome has some well-known vulnerabilities that ad companies can exploit to get ads past visitors' ad blockers. We have some suggestions here, however:

    As for making ad blockers invisible to websites? Not much we can do about that, I'm afraid. Websites can detect the presence of browser-based ad blockers pretty easily. But! We have suggestions for that, too:

    Hope this helps or at least points you in the right direction. If you need more assistance, please open a ticket on our support site. I don't get into our forums very often, and your ticket may go unanswered for a while.

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager