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Dear adblock

Thank you for being such an amazing thing to download. You have been so useful for me. I love adblocker and I think everybody should use this. I only have 1 complaint and that is: Some website will detect adblocker and I have to select the option of not blocking ads on this page. I personally only have this happened to me once, but reading from previous comments, it seems as this happens to more people more times. I don't know what website's they are using but, I hope you can fix this problem and make adblocker something that's undetected. I don't know what you can do to fix this, and I don't know if you can fix this, but I hope you can fix this or make adblocker a little less detected. Overall, I would rate your website a 9.9 out of 10 (the only reason why is because of what I said above). You really are very helpful and I'm so sorry, I wish I can donate but I am a child and I don't have a credit card or paypal. Yes I have asked my parents, but they told me why should I pay for this if I can get it for free but I highly disagree and I personally think this should cost money but I know you guys are very kind and won't do that. I love your company and adblocker and keep up the good work!

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Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a lovely thank-you note. It's becoming a lost art. If I were your mom, I would be very proud of you. (You should tell her that, by the way.)

Pretty much the only way to hide the fact that you're using an ad blocker is to turn off JavaScript in your browser. Many of the tests that sites use to detect ad blockers rely on JavaScript. Unfortunately, so does much site functionality these days. But another advantage to turning off JavaScript is that it completely stops the really bad ads that are very difficult to block, especially in Chrome. Sometimes it might be worth losing some site functionality! On many sites, you won't even notice the missing functionality anyway. You can read more about all this here:

By far, most people would agree with your mom and dad: Why pay for something that you can get for free? Thank goodness not everyone feels that way, but I do understand the feeling. Maybe you could ask for an AdBlock subscription for Christmas. :D

Stay awesome!

Rhana Cassidy

AdBlock Community Manager

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Hey there Joe!

As a long time AdBlock User myself I can understand where you're coming from. While Rhana is a member of the AdBlock Team, I'm just a regular user who contributes to the project in other ways.

Rhana is right about how the sites can detect AdBlock - it's not possible to detect the AdBlock extension itself - strictly speaking that would open up a lot more security headaches if they could - but it is possible to detect the Filter Lists. If you'd like to see an example, turn off all your Filter Lists but not AdBlock itself for a minute and go back to one of the sites that has an Anti-AdBlock warning and it won't appear - don't forget to turn them back on when you're done!

As for Donating to the project, I've been helping to test out something that's pretty cool and should hopefully become available very soon. I can't reveal too much just yet, but Project Sprint is the name I refer to it in public for now. I've been using it for the last year which has been great for me to test out, and it also allows me to share some great feedback with the team - not least from my intense road testing!

Even if you aren't able to donate money towards AdBlock, you are more than welcome to donate in other ways. Here's a few examples that are really valuable:

  • Suggesting new features and ideas - some really cool ones have been posted on these Forums
  • Forum contributions like the one you've posted here - Rhana tries to respond when she can
  • Bug Hunting really helps - if you spot a Bug in AdBlock please let Rhana know by Support Ticket

I do all three of these things on a frequent basis. There's a lot of other great contributors who you don't always see on the Forums but their support is also greatly appreciated :)

And of course, writing in a thank you note is another thing that really goes a long way, thank you so much!

I'm also pleased to tell you that the same account you've created for the AdBlock Support website can be used for the AdBlock Forums you're reading now, as well as for sending in and managing your Support Tickets - which is pretty useful for someone like me because I send in a LOT of them!

Thank you so much!

AdBlock Ninja and Regular Contributor

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