PLEASE do what you can to support the AdBlock team

Hello all, 

I've had AdBlock as an extension since the first time it came out years ago.  As soon as I could, I started donating annually to help the team behind AdBlock keep truckin'.  I can't do a lot, but every year I try to give what I can.

And every year I get an email from the team at AdBlock thanking me and I always think "if everyone donated a couple of bucks this would never be an issue", but I know that's not even close to true.

So, as a fellow AdBlock user I just want to ask that everyone that can, go donate what you can so we can continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor!

And by the way, I am not affiliated with AdBlock in any way, I'm just an average guy that really likes the internet and really hates ads.

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  • Hi Bkeithstokes,

    Thanks so much for your kind words, your encouragement, and your support throughout the years! We truly couldn't do this (and honestly, wouldn't want to!) if it weren't for folks like you.

    Stay awesome,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Me too. I actually just made a account to mentioned something to the adblocker team. I was trying to use PayPal just now and my antivirus caught something.. wouldn't let me go to their website. Also, I'm a big fan of this app.. my most productive app and least thought about. I love it when I catch someone about to watch a video and their sitting there waiting on that ad to finish.. I ask, you don't have adblock installed to stop 99% of those? And they say, what's adblock?? I've donated maybe 3 or 4 times, hopefully others are too. Anyway can't donate right now cause of whatever my protection picked up. Thought you might wanna know.. I will donate once I Here's a screenshot of it.

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  • Hi Richard,

    According to this post I found on an Avast user forum, that's a false positive:


    I heard back from Avast on the 16th July 2018 which I though was quite quick. Their reply is below in Blue text.
    I didn't post up here a day or so later as Avast A/V was still detecting it as a threat. Now however Avast A/V doesn't detect any problem with it.
    It's good to know it was a False Positive.

    Many thanks to Avast for checking this out and updating your database.


    Thank you for reporting this false positive.

    Our virus specialists have now cleared its reputation in our database.

    With URLs this change should be instant, but it might take up to 24 hours with files.

    For future reference you might also find the following article to be useful: Avast Clean Guidelines.

    Best regards,

    Avast Customer Care

    You should be safe (well, as safe as any of us ever are these days) if you'd like to donate again. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • Hi there!

    I just thought I'd also chip in here with a Tip of my own too.

    This one isn't quite AdBlock related but it does relate to your question (sort of, hehehe) so I can probably sneak in here.

    Sometimes there's a chance that Anti-Virus isn't perfect and it may flag up stuff it shouldn't. I tend to use this article which has a bunch of links to False Positive Report Tools for most of the Anti-Virus companies. Admittedly some of the links are a bit broken now, but they should get you reasonably close!

    But since this is the Love Letters forum, guess I might also want to add something related to that here as well!

    I've been using AdBlock myself pretty much since day 1 back when Michael Gundlach released it onto the Chrome Web Store - you're talking something like Chrome Version 4 at this point and that gives you an idea how long I've used it for!

    I never really managed to get involved with the project back in those early days, but I've become very involved in the last couple of years as Rhana will almost certainly tell you. I've also Donated to AdBlock once so far which enabled me to test out Project Sprint over the last year. That should hopefully launch properly soon - I'll have made sure that most Bugs should be squashed by then!

    I'm not part of the AdBlock Team, but I do contribute a lot of road testing, suggestions and just basically trying to smash up Project Sprint using new and unusual methods that no-one else thinks of :)

    So while I don't get to donate much towards AdBlock in terms of financial support, I more than make up for that with a huge amount of contributions from road testing, bug reporting and suggestions!

    I always enjoy reading the forums too!

    Stay awesome as always,

    Matthew aka Blastoise186

    Regular Contributor

  • That's right! Matthew is an excellent example of how folks can help support AdBlock in ways that cost only a little of your time. Testing software, contributing to the forums, translating AdBlock into languages we don't have yet, writing great reviews, and telling friends and family about AdBlock are all ways anyone can help. It's really important work, and it all helps get the word out and helps new people find us!

    :) Rhana

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Adblock is the best and it is so good! I love Adblock so much! I can now block a lot of ads with Adblock and all these advertisements are annoying. Thanks to Adblocker, I can block any ads and ads are not useful to me. Thank you to the Adblock Team!
  • Hello AdBlock team,

    I am sorry I don't have money to try to support a non-profit company. But don't worry I will donate money when I am 18 or got a credit or debit card. I am 12 right now (will be 13 soon). Thanks for your work and stay safe from the current pandemic. Don't get the coronavirus. Bye!

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