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Ebay's GDPR banner must not be an Acceptable Ad

The GDPR banner at and other Ebay sites is rated an acceptable ad. It is large and useless after GDPR message delivery. In my opinion it is also making excessive use of colors. When accepting Acceptable Ads, users can only get rid of of the banner by pressing "Accept" for the following:

"By clicking on an item or other link on the website or "Accept," you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies to process your personal data to enhance and personalize your experience across eBay's portfolio of brands , including eBay or third-party advertising tailored to you, on and off our sites. Additionally, third-party companies, who we partner with, may store cookies on your device and use similar technologies to collect and use certain information for advertising personalization, measurement and analytics. Learn more, Learn more, including how to manage your privacy settings."

I don't want eBay and even third-party ad tailoring through eBay. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that users are enforced to accept this clause.

I tried blocking the banner by applying "Block an ad on this page". It did not work as long as I accepted Acceptable Ads.

Suggestion: add to the Acceptable Ads criteria "WHAT IS NOT CONSIDERED AN ACCEPTABLE AD?" list another dash: "Elements that enforce user choices".

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your suggestion. We don't control (or have any influence at all over) the Acceptable Ads criteria. You can suggest changes on the Acceptable Ads forum. :)

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