Hide Dock icon when running (Mac App Store version)

Please add a setting or preference that allows you to hide the dock icon when the Mac App Store version is running. Or, allow it to run from Menubar only instead.

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  • Hi microChasm,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Look for this feature in our next release. :)

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

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  • I totally agree and approve the microChasmTM's request!

    Is next release already planned ? In other words, when will the next release be available ?!

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  • Hi Lauranne and microChasmTM,

    We hope to get the next update in for Apple's review in a couple of weeks. How long it will take Apple to review and release it is anyone's guess. :)

    The ability to hide the Dock icon is not planned at this time. We have added it to our Feature Requests backlog, though, for consideration for an upcoming release.

    Warm regards,


    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Thanks for the details Rhana. Totally makes sense for me.

    Additional question: is it possible to know in advance your plan for next "major" release ? Maybe have you a sort of general/mid-long term roadmap; can it be shared?



  • Please add this. The Adblock toolbar icon in Safari is very unobtrusive - a simple gray hand that you barely notice but is easily clicked if you need it. The new Dock icon, on the other hand, is large, red, and garish. Other applications that run all the time (SnagIt is an example) allow you to choose Dock or Menu Bar. You need to add this.

    (65.9 KB)
  • We don't have a public roadmap yet, although I haven't given up advocating for it.

    Erik, thanks for that very illustrative screenshot (if you'll forgive the redundancy). I'll see if I can bump this up a bit. :)

  • Hi. new account here. +1 on hiding the MenuBar and/or the Dock Icon. June 26, 2019. Thanks! 


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