Surprisingly, found nothing re GooglePay

So, how about it? Yes, yes: I am sure Google has rules, stipulations, frustrations and likely even some prestidigitations stating that, "If One is to make use of the Google Pay, One must first be on Google Play...err, uh, Store. Ipso Facto, Lorem Ipsum, et cetera, ad nauseum." I don't know what Google's policy is about all that stuff but it's possibly worth checking out. LOL Even if only to assuage my conscience and allow me to actually pay for the Ad Block Extension like I originally had hoped to do. Anyway, if, in the Search Box, I did not try enough combinations of "Google, Pay, and GooglePay" then please just disregard while mumbling, "Idiot." If otherwise, maybe you can use the Novel I just wrote as the Example or Base FAQ on this particular topic. Okay, thanks for the extension, all your hard work, and for your time in reading this. Happy Coding! Michael
  • Hi Michael,

    LOL Thanks for the giggle! I'll ask our developers if it's possible to use Google Pay to donate. :)

    Warm regards,

    Rhana Cassidy

    AdBlock Community Manager

  • Hey there!

    Thanks for the laugh, that's one of the best Feature Requests I think I've seen yet.

    Google Play and Google Pay are not the same thing despite the names, so it can be a bit confusing!

    Since I use Android on my devices, I use both of them constantly. So, here goes:

    Google Play - the main way to get Apps, Games and other content for Android devices. I strongly recommend using this over any other 3rd Party app stores for Android.

    Google Pay - a payment service available (mainly) on Android devices. The main use for it is for contactless payments in shops or for "one tap" payments within compatible Apps and I think a few websites.

    Google Pay Send - a sort of "send some cash to your friends" type thing that goes through Google Pay.

    I'm not a Developer myself so I can't say for sure if it's possible to add Google Pay as an option for AdBlock. I think Google Pay Send is intended for personal use rather than "business" use but you never know.

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